March 2015 Reads

9:00 am

Hooray! I exceeded my seven-books-per-month streak! It's been quite a varied month for books for me, I think. I finally finished the Divergent series, popped in a couple of non-fiction reads, but my graphic novel ratio is still awful. I don't know at what point I went from reading only graphic novels to reading one a month, but it needs to change.

This month I read:

3/9 books by female writers (bad Megan!)
2/9 non-fiction (or 3 if Ayoade counts, but it really definitely doesn't)
1/9 graphic novels (so, so bad of me)

I haven't written any reviews for these books (yet?) as my life has been pretty damn hectic this past month, but hopefully once deadlines are done and done I can get back on the blogging game. Check me out on Goodreads to see my ratings and some short comments on a few of them.

Happy April!
M x

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