February 2015 Reads

9:00 am

Good morning, March! February is a funny short one, isn't it? I didn't manage to beat my 7 books read in January, only reading another 7 in February, but I'm not too bothered about that. I don't have any excuse to give you!

This month I read:

2/7 collections of short stories (Miranda July and David Foster Wallace)
1/7 graphic novels (Scott McCloud) (poor form for me!)
3/7 female authors (Veronica Roth, Gillian Flynn, and Miranda July)

More reviews coming soon!

I finally beat my MA reading list this term, leaving me with free reign after I finished Miranda July's collection to read whatever my heart wanted. It's been an amazing feeling and I'm struggling to pick what to read next each time from my huge TBR list! 

I'm planning on finishing the Divergent trilogy this month, maybe starting to reread the Series of Unfortunate Events series as I read them when I was younger but never finished them all! I'd also like to get back onto the graphic novel bandwagon as I've been so bad with that recently. 

What have you been reading this month that you absolutely love?

M x

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