Busy x1000

9:19 am

Hello everybody! Long time, no speak. Life is a bit busy at the moment, and by 'bit' I mean horrifically. Two 5000-word essays due after Easter, a dissertation proposal to write, and two part-time jobs to wrestle with. Yes, this is an excuse for a lack of posts, but I am still reading, I am still loving the books, and I will be writing some reviews as soon as hand-ins are done!

Here is what I am currently:

Reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Absolutely beautiful and incredibly inspiring. 

Listening: Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance by Belle & Sebastian. Hello Internet podcast release days are also always the best days.

Watching: Season 3 of House of Cards, very very slowly. My schedule isn't really allowing a binge watch, unfortunately!

Eating: Sharer bags of cheesy Doritos. I am ashamed.

As soon as Easter is over and my essays are in, from then until September will purely be dedicated to my MA dissertation (hints on the topic in the photo above!). Spooky, huh? I swear I've only just started this course and now the end is technically in sight.

See you all on the other side!
M x

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