Non-Fiction Favourites

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I feel like non-fiction is where I thrive when it comes to reading. The array of things to be learned about in such minute detail that may only seem like something small at first glance is just amazing. Just the other day I picked up a book about the origins of The Great Gatsby and the society that inspired it. Such a small part of our world, but so many words that can be devoted to it. I've put together a selection of non-fiction from my bookshelves, whether ones I've reread many times or ones I'm yet to finish. My favourite thing about non-fiction in the end is the ability they grant you to dip in and out of them, explaining why half of these are only half read but still loved!

Aldous Huxley - The Doors of Perception
Huxley's famous dabbling with mescaline and his notes on his experience.

Simon Garfield - Just My Type
Typography and the history of fonts.

Alain de Botton - The Architecture of Happiness
A study of architecture and how it affects us.

Gretchen Rubin - The Happiness Project
Rubin's journey to find true happiness.

Hugh Aldersey-Williams - Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements
Stories about the discoveries of the elements.

David McCandless - Information is Beautiful
Data and information displayed in beautiful ways.

DK's Pick Me Up
Facts about pretty much everything!

What are some of your favourite non-fiction reads?

M x

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