January 2015 Reads

9:00 am

Hello, February! Last month I read a grand total of 7 books. I'm quite happy with the number, but know I could've read more if it wasn't for Bleeding Edge. Pynchon's writing takes a lot of time and energy to get through, but a brilliant read anyway (review coming soon!). 

This month I read:

2/7 non-fiction books (Keri Smith and Richard Hamblyn)
2/7 female authors (Lorrie Moore and Toni Morrison)
1/7 books published pre-2000 (Toni Morrison)

This month wasn't a hugely varied one thanks to my MA reading list (21st century and trauma, hooray) but there have been a few reads that really took me by surprise. Toni Morrison's Paradise and Lorrie Moore's A Gate at the Stairs were both absolutely amazing, whereas Don DeLillo's Falling Man really disappointed.

February looks a lot more promising book-wise as I only have 3 more books left on my course reading, then I will never have to follow a pre-set reading list again! Three cheers! Hip hip, hooray! I'm preparing myself for so much YA and fantasy, I can barely contain myself. 

Happy reading!
M x

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