Penguin's Book-a-Day Challenge: Days One and Two

10:28 am

I saw this post on the wonderful Book Journal, initially intended to be an Instagram challenge but shaken up by Jennie (such a lovely girl), and thought I'd give it a go myself. Posts have been very lacking around here lately, something I'll discuss another time, but a lovely book challenge is something I can't pass up, especially at this time of year. As I'm already a day behind, I'll be doing days one AND two today.

First up is 'iconic first line', and I bestow this award onto Franz Kafka's haunting moral tale of Metamorphosis. You can't deny how this line draws readers into the story, especially upon its first release!

Second for today is 'last read', which for me was the first volume of Kelly Sue DeConnick's 2011 Captain Marvel run, but I don't have a copy of that to take a photo of. Therefore we can settle with my previous read to that which was Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway A Room of One's Own which I'm writing an essay on currently. I love the cover of this edition, it's beautifully textured and part of Penguin's Great Ideas series. It's a definite life aim to get the whole collection.

I think this is such a lovely idea from Penguin and I'd love to see if you're completing any of these challenges too!
M x

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