Penguin's Book-A-Day Challenge: Days 8 - 12

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I'm sorry for such slow progress with this tag! As well all know, December is a hectic time of year for anyone, so thank you for waiting, it means a lot to me. Here are the days eight to twelve of Penguin's Book-A-Day Challenge, or Book-A-Whenever if you're as behind as me.

Day 8 - It's a mystery!
Agatha Christie - The Body in the Library

I think the lady herself, Agatha Christie, is synonymous with mystery naturally, so I've included today the first of her books I ever read. It's part of Harper Collins' Marple collection and it actually a smaller size than regular books if you can't see in the photo. I can't remember much of what happens in this story, but I know it sparked my interest in her writing and my collection has been growing ever since.

Day 9 - I judged this by it's cover.
Joe Meno - The Boy Detective Fails

I can't remember for the life of me where I first saw this recommended but it sat on my wishlist for a few years before one day I decided to treat myself to a little book haul. I'm still yet to read it but I really like the cover, the odd size of the book, and it's deckle edges.

Day 10 - Latest purchase.
Sarah Churchwell - Careless People: Murder, Mayhem and the Invention of the Great Gatsby

I am a huge fan of the Jazz Age and Jazz Age writing, so when I saw this in my local bookshop for £4.99 I knew I had to get it!

Day 11 - Christmas classic.
Helen Fielding - Bridget Jones's Diary

Now, I consider the film version of this a quintessential Christmas film, so the book gets the same treatment. It starts with a New Year's party, so a little late in festive season, but you still can't deny those horrible jumpers and lumpy gravy. 'Just sieve it, Una!'

Day 12 - Book of poems.
Sylvia Plath - Ariel

I picked my most beautiful book of poems for this because, well, just look at the cover. It's absolutely stunning. I picked this up before I'd read The Bell Jar (which I've only read over the past summer and loved) but it gave me a taste of her wonderful writing and made me want more!

Thank you for persevering with me, and days thirteen to seventeen will be published tomorrow. I hope you're having a wonderful festive season and please feel free to comment on any books you'd pick for this challenge!

M x

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