Penguin's Book-A-Day Challenge: Days 24 & 25

10:31 am

The final two books!

Day 24 - For Father Christmas.
Imagination Illustrated: The Jim Henson Journal

I'd like to think Father Christmas has a sense of humour so this huge book on the work of Jim Henson seems like the perfect choice! I haven't had the chance to read this yet but flicking through it looks absolutely amazing. It's a huge volume that goes into a lot of detail!

Day 25 - Under the tree.
Batman: A Visual History

THIS. This is just the best. As a huge Batman fan, whether films, games, comics, whatever, this is the holy grail. Going through the most influential issues of the entire Batman run since the 30s, this book is the thing to read if you want to know all the dirty details about the Caped Crusader himself.

I hope you all had a lovely festive break, whether you celebrate or not, and that you're all feeling well rested! Please let me know what books you got for Christmas yourself in the comments below.

M x

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