Penguin's Book-A-Day Challenge: Days 13 - 17

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Days thirteen to seventeen coming at you today in my catch-up for Penguin's Book-A-Day Challenge! There's a bit of an odd variety today with two Pratchett's, a stocking filler, an unread contemporary read, and The Wasp Factory.

Day 13 - Stocking filler.
Mini Where's Wally in Hollywood

I actually got this in my stocking a few years ago and jumped up and down in excitement as I LOVED Where's Wally books as a child. This is a cute mini edition and comes with a magnifying lens so you can feel like a true detective when scouting out the stripy man and his friends.

Day 14 - Read in school.
Iain Banks - The Wasp Factory

More like 'read in school and couldn't sleep for weeks'. The Wasp Factory is by far the most horrifying book I've ever read but also a modern masterpiece. A must-read if you want tension, shock, and a unique protagonist.

Day 15 - Favourite colour cover.
Ben Marcus - The Flame Alphabet

I guess this cover is technically cheating as it isn't one colour, but the flame pattern is undeniably beautiful. I'm yet to have read this book but the synopsis really drew me in. 'A mysterious epidemic has struck and the speech of children has become toxic.' Yeah, I know.

Day 16 - For someone I love.
Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman - Good Omens

For someone I love, I'd give them a copy of my favourite book. Good Omens is very dear to my heart and now is the perfect time to read it for the first time, then you can catch up with the BBC Radio 4 adaptation that started on the 22nd of December. I cannot wait for it as they've got some really amazing actors voicing the characters and the story is one that can be enjoyed by anyone. The world is ending on Saturday, just after tea...

Day 17 - Funny read.
Terry Pratchett - The Colour of Magic

Any of the Discworld books, really. I've only read a limited selection but I found myself laughing out loud reading the first of the series.

Check back tomorrow for selections eighteen to twenty-three! I hope you're having very happy holidays and are indulging in some lovely book reading.

M x

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