Taking Stock

12:00 pm

First of all, if you're not following Holly in Your Pocket, you should. I'm always excited for the next funny and inspiring post she's going to put up. Now this is something I've been meaning to do for a while after I saw her post Taking Stock and absolutely fell in love with the idea. The lovely Kelly from Tea. Books. Eyeliner also did her own version of the post, so I thought I'd join in with all the fun and give it a go myself! Simply put, it's a fun way of seeing all of the things you're doing, thinking, and feeling at the moment and, well, taking stock of it all. As someone who's incredibly busy at the moment (hello, masters degree) it's important to get back to the present and give yourself a moment of focus. So here we go, taking stock!

Making: a mess with all of the books I have to read.
Drinking: the dregs of a cold cup of tea!
Reading: The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood.
Looking: at new, exciting ways to procrastinate.
Playing: Lego Batman 2 to 100% completion.
Enjoying: the sunlight coming through my window.
Waiting: for the motivation to get up and make a snack!
Liking: my degree so far, thank goodness.
Wishing: I had some inspiration for my assignment.
Wondering: what the photo for this post should be.
Loving: being surrounded by family.
Hoping: this initial assessment for my degree doesn't go too badly!
Marveling: at the amount of work I'm actually doing.
Needing: food.
Wearing: a new soft black jumper, pyjama bottoms, and slippers.
Following: a lot of lovely ladies on Twitter.
Noticing: that it's nearly lunchtime and I'm still hungry.
Knowing: a lot more than I did four weeks ago at the start of my course.
Thinking: about the exciting opportunities my friends and family are getting.
Feeling: chirpy.
Bookmarking: things I need to watch!

M x

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