October Favourites

5:11 pm

October has been a good month, and I'm sad to see it end. October was the month I officially started my masters degree and I've got to say so far I'm absolutely loving it. The classes have been such a surprise to me as I've enjoyed every piece of reading material, every discussion we've had, and I'm fortunate to have some amazing, passionate tutors who have gotten me more excited about my studies than I ever deemed possible. Every doubt I ever had about starting this degree have gone straight out of the window and I can only look forward to everything I've got to come.

As part of the MA love, I've fallen in love with Thomas Pynchon's writing. I won't go into too much detail as I covered it in my previous post which you can find here!

Naturally after studying hard all week, I've been partial to some hardcore relaxation. My favourite candle this month is really an old favourite of mine from the Copenhagen Candle Company in the scent Sweet Orange and Amber. It's such a huge candle, I feel like I've been burning it for years, but I'm going to be so upset when it runs out. The only place I've seen selling these candles is TK Maxx, so it's definitely worth a look, plus the candles they sell there are always so well priced for the quality you get. Teamed up with my cosy New Look slippers I treated myself to a few weekends ago, I've been pretty chilled out.

And of course, who could forget...

I hope you've all had a wonderful October, and happy November!
M x

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