Some Saturday Thoughts

5:30 pm

After weeks, and probably months at this point, lacking any sort of blog inspiration, it's slowly coming back to me in dribs and drabs. Most of this is thanks to some wonderful books I've been reading recently (my newest 'Recent Reads' post can be found here), but some is also just thanks to taking some time off of writing and allowing myself to not feel guilty for the lack of posts. 

A couple of updates really:

 - I start my MA on Wednesday, eek! I'm so excited, but beyond nervous too. I'll be happy to be back in an academic environment and have some goals to aim for, but on the other hand it'll be completely new and, I imagine, ten times harder than what I'm used to. However my course books I've been reading over the summer have been amazing and I can't wait to sink my teeth into them critically!

 - Over the summer I managed to get myself some work experience at a London archive, which, honestly, I didn't expect to get as it's such an impressive institution with a waiting list. It was a brilliant experience though and I was sad to leave (even though I did get to go back a few times after my placement after being asked to work a bit more on their project, which I was hugely flattered about). 

 - Still nothing positive on the job front, much to my disappointment. The very few classes for my MA makes this time perfect for getting a day job, studying in the evenings, but, alas, no luck so far. I'm not letting it put me off though and have been applying for jobs across the whole of summer, and I won't give up. Luckily there's a lot of babysitting that needs doing in my area at the moment, so that's a little bit of cash in my pocket to cover commuting to classes, hoorah!

So there we go. It's not hugely exciting, but excitement isn't really on the agenda at the moment. I'm enjoying taking it easy now as I know in the next few months my work load is going to go through the roof! Be sure to watch this space for some new blog posts cropping up over the next few weeks, probably mostly about literature. I can't help it, all I've been doing is reading!

M x

P.S. The photos in the post pretty much cover that I've been up to today: laundry, reading, crosswords, wearing stripes. Very glam.

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