Some Kiko Finds & My Perfect Blush

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I popped into Kiko a few weeks ago not intending to buy anything at all and ended up leaving with a bag of goodies. But isn't that the way things always go? I was on my way back from a really good job interview and was riding the wave of good vibes, which is why I ended up treating myself to a few things. Spoiler alert: I didn't get the job. But I did find my perfect blush.

Rock Attraction Blush in Pop Apricot - £7
They had a lot of reduced stock in a collection by the counter and this is where I picked up most of my purchases. The first thing that caught my eye is this pink blush which I picked up as my blush collection is quite lacking. Swatching it on my hand, it's such a perfect colour for my skintone, and when I tried it on my cheeks at home later I discovered this is the IDEAL shade for me. It looks incredibly natural.

Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette in Addictive Song - £9, Boulevard Rock Eyes Brush - £5
My next picks were an eyeshadow palette (when is an eyeshadow palette not a good idea?) and a duo fibre eye brush that cost me a mere £5. The palette really stood out to me with its mix of neutrals and then pinkier shades that I'm not a regular user of. You can see in the swatches below that the colours aren't anything too bright and offensive, ideal for if you want to use colour without going OTT.

I also picked up one of their Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows in Shade 05, a lovely shimmery bronze. These products are pretty well known now as dupes for the By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow sticks at a fraction of the price. I picked up mine for £6.90 and the shade is just gorgeous. Unfortunately I forgot to swatch it, so sorry about that.

I've been very pleasantly surprised by all of the things I picked up from Kiko and definitely would be open to trying some more! Have you tried any of their products before? Leave your recommendations in the comments!

M x

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