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I've found myself in a bit of a funk lately, despite all the amazing opportunities I'm having and a bright future ahead. Being pretty much jobless with nothing to study since May really takes its toll, but that's totally natural when you're in one place for an extended period of time with no 'goals' so to speak of. The worries about the way I'm feeling have passed and I'm ready to move on with a more positive attitude, these two things giving me the idea that I had last night. 

I remembered long ago in my internet past the service that came about where you could email yourself in the future and it always seemed like such a novel idea, but now I've definitely found a good use for it. So last night I sent myself an email, for a year into the future, detailing where I am now, who my closest friends are, and what I hope to achieve in the next year. The idea is, basically, to motivate my current self to strive for these things, and to remind my future self how far they've come in a year. I've asked myself questions, too, like 'which of your close friends are still around?' I've given myself prompts like 'send this person an email/message/text asking how they are' or 'tell this person how important they are to you'. 

It feels like such a good idea to me and it's definitely sparked a new source of motivation in me. I'd definitely recommend yourself to do the same if you've been uninspired and in a bit of a funk, like me. This time next year we can all be surprised by these emails from ourselves and be proud of all we've achieved. 

I used FutureMe to do this, but there are so many services around where you can do the same. Maybe send one to your friend telling them how much they mean to you, or a family member with funny little anecdotes spread through the year! 

Spread the love,
M x

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