Inside My Zara Mini City Bag

9:00 am

What's in my bag? A load of crap, that's what.  

A furry little someone definitely wanted to know!

Cute puppies aside, I thought I'd do my own 'what's in my bag' post, mainly so I actually know myself what lurks in the depths of my bag. As you'll see, some of it was quite surprising to me and a bag clean out was definitely in order. There's no fancy makeup bits here, just things I need when I'm getting the bus or train.

First up there's my pink & Other Stories purse that I've actually written a blog post about. It's my first purchase from them, but I'm in love with pretty much everything they sell. It's got space for my cash, coins, and many, many discount and loyalty cards for coffee shops. I was pleasantly surprised to see I had a book of stamps in there, because I'm rarely that prepared (I lie, I'm the most prepared person I know). Next to that is a very bashed up water bottle that I'm temporary using as my hard-wearing Paperchase one started smelling funny...

Special mentions go to my tangled headphones, a handful of Tictacs, and Nuxe Reve de Miel for any dry skin disasters that come my way. I'll try not to start yet another rave about this product, but it really is a wonder balm.

Here's where things get REALLY exciting. My Juice Cube (a portable phone charger if you didn't know) which is a lifesaver for long days when I need to get the train, a pen, a wonderful Penguin Books notebook (with apparently another pen inside it), and the cover for my umbrella which is currently MIA. I'm very bad at keeping tabs on my umbrellas, and if I do find one I usually end up breaking it. Umbrellas are probably my most frequent outgoing payment.

I was wrong. HERE is where it gets exciting. My house keys, a perfume sample strip, a 12-sided dice, a bobby pin, and a lollipop. No explanation needed.

Here comes the beauty bit! Soap and Glory's One Heck of a Blot for shiny noses, Cuticura antibacterial hand gel (it smells of cucumber, which is wonderfully refreshing), Maybelline Baby Lips, Paul & Joe Lip Treatment, This Works Deep Sleep roll on (for stressful trips and moments of panic), 4Head, a nail file, and a hair clip for long days. I seem to have an issue with accumulating half-used lipbalms and never finishing them.

Well, wasn't that an exciting journey! 
M x

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