Boohoo Cut-Out Buckle Boots

9:00 am

As you may have seen in my recent shoe collection post, I had to mourn the loss of my favourite Topshop Chelsea boots, sob. However I have found a suitable replacement for time being thanks to Boohoo, my first ever Boohoo purchase I believe (although there's a large chance I may be wrong, uni was a blurry and expensive time). These are the Livia Cut Work Ankle Boots, a very cheerful £20 purchase and a very pleasant surprise. They don't feel or look cheap in my opinion, although nowhere near as tough as the long-departed Topshop pair, but they're doing the job for now. I've worn them on several occasions and there's very little heel wear. However I am finding when the actual outside of the heel gets scratched, it does leave a white mark as if it's wearing away a layer of paint. It's odd but I'm hoping it's just a one-off. All in all I'm liking these boots. The cut-out buckle design seems to be 'the thing' with boots at the moment, but I like the almost 'worn' look of the buckles on this, making them a little less shiny and trendy than others I've seen. Plain and simple, just the way I like it.

M x

P.S. They also come in tan!

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