All-Time Favourite Nail Colours

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As with many people, I have a horrible weakness for nail polishes. I've been doing a really good job lately of not picking up three bottles every time I step into Boots after putting myself on a spending ban (I bought exactly the same colour polish as one I already had without even realising, it has to stop). Through lessening my stash and only using the ones I already have, I've noticed a few I always pick up when I'm feeling uninspired. 

Essie in 'Bahama Mama' - A lovely plum shade that always makes me feel more sophisticated when I have it on. It dries really quickly, and two coats gives the perfect plummy shade that I'll never fall out of love with. Revlon's 'Vixen' is a pretty good dupe for this colour-wise, but the formula is nowhere near as good.

L'Oreal Color Riche in 'Boudoir Rose' - A newish offering from L'Oreal, this dark-pastel pink colour is wonderful for the spring and summer. Again, it has a really good formula and dries in no time at all, which I always look for in a go-to polish. I hate things that take ages to try, especially if you need more than one coat to get a decent colour. I'd love to try some more from this range once my spending ban is lifted as I really love the formula.

Rimmel Space Dust in 'Total Eclipse' - This is a purely winter wear for me as it is both dark and sparkly. I love the textured effect as I'm a big fan of textured anything when it comes to livening up an outfit. I now the 'Aurora' shade of this formula is popular so that's definitely going into my Boots basket when I've got a few more pennies.

Rimmel 60 Seconds in 'Instyle Coral' - I picked up this polish from my mum after trying it out on my toes on a visit and she was planning on throwing away her stash. I nearly always have this on my toes now as it's a gorgeous coral shade and dries in, shockingly, sixty seconds. Plus it has a really good brush which is a massive factor when it comes to nail polishes. Small thin brushes are an absolute no-no.

What are your favourite polishes in your collection that you couldn't bear to part with?
M x

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