The Perfect Post-Sickness Pamper

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I write this the day after one of my hideous migraine days, still feeling a bit sorry for myself and ready for a long, long, LONG pamper. I don't know about you, but I get quite regular migraines. They're horribly painful, I get awful nausea, and it always results in me having to write an entire day off to sleep, which isn't as nice as it sounds. I'm one of those people that likes to get things DONE, so having to waste an entire day trying to sleep a migraine away isn't as relaxing as I want it to be. However, as a veteran of the post-sickness pick-me-up, I thought I'd write a post on how to get yourself feeling perky, squeaky clean, and back on form after being unwell, but at the same time as I'm going through the routine myself!

When I get migraines, I become incapable of doing anything, and that means when I go to bed I don't take my makeup off. Perfect-health me is disgusted by the thought of that, but it's just what happens. Therefore the first thing I do when I get up the next day is wash off all of my makeup, and go through with my normal morning skincare routine. I'll double-cleanse, which I usually save for the evenings, purely so I can get my skin as makeup free as I can and give myself a clean base for the rest of my skincare. When I've been feeling rubbish I put a bit more of a pampering element into my cleansing by massaging my face as I do it, getting the blood flowing and myself feeling much more awake and ready for the day. At this point I usually notice I've gained three spots already from sleeping in my makeup, but at least I don't have a migraine. 

Now it's time to get some nutrients in the system! I'm thinking yogurt and fruit with a good drizzling of honey, with a big mug of something warm on the side. When I'm ill I very rarely eat, so it's really important that the next day I try and get some energy back with some fruit and a little bit of caffeine for a boost. Try and avoid anything too heavy, you don't want to get yourself bloated and uncomfortable again. This is also a really good time to sit down, take your time eating, and catch up with the news, read your favourite magazine, or just scroll through some blogs. This is your time, make sure what you're doing is making you happy. Keep a big glass of water nearby too as keeping your hydration up is never going to be a bad thing. It's amazing how much better you can feel after a big glass of cool water. I've really liked putting some ice cubes and slices of lemon in mine recently to keep me refreshed with a little bit of flavour for your tastebuds. 

Once my food's gone down, I'll usually wash my hair over the side of the bath. I won't do a full body shower as I usually save the washing for a bath later in the day. Make sure you give your hair a nice treat, maybe do a hair mask if you feel like it. You deserve it, today is a day for you. Take some time properly massaging your hair and scalp as it can be difficult to wash all of your product out when you're washing your hair over the bath. I always feel tonnes better after washing my hair, so hopefully you do too. At some point in the day I'll kick back in the bath as I find it always helps me in my recovery. Go crazy with the bubbles or bath oils, whatever will make you feel as relaxed and luxurious as possible. I know when I use huge amounts of bubbles I can't help but smile as they cuddle up around me, making me feel like a little kid again. I always bring whatever book I'm currently reading and my phone with me too, so I can escape into another world, or just check my Twitter feed. Although there's always time to just lean back, close your eyes, and forget about everything. Be careful not to fall asleep though! I did that the other day and woke up with my leg falling in the bath after I propped it up on the side to cool me down a bit. It was a rather terrifying experience! Learn from my mistakes, young Jedi. 

Now it's time to do what you want to do, whether it's marathon a TV series on Netflix, lounge in bed with a magazine, paint your nails, anything and everything! You do what makes you feel happy, relaxed, and pampered like the amazing person you are. Keep sipping that water and make sure your grab your pet if you have one. Nobody can frown when you're ticking a puppy's belly. If you can't think of any ideas for things to do, here is a little list of things that cheer me up when I'm feeling crappy:

  • Daily/weekly Vlogs on Youtube (obvious choices are Essie Button, Vivianna Does Makeup, and Hello October).
  • Pinterest, Tumblr, and other image-heavy sites with photos of gorgeous homes, small animals, and screenshots of your favourite film characters pulling funny faces. If these sites don't interest you, maybe try some real-life pinning using some old magazines, scissors, and glue. 
  • Candles, fruity teas, and other things that smell lovely. They add another sensation to the room you're in, which is sometimes what you need when you're too focused on other (rubbish) things.
  • Yoga or meditation, something to clear your mind and put you back in the present moment. My favourites are Tara Stiles' beginners yoga classes, Headspace, and
  • Music. Music has an incredible healing factor when you're feeling down. I've compiled a few of my own 'mixtapes' that you can listen to here, here, here, here, and also here

It's getting near the end of the day and I always like to get ready for bed an hour or so before actually turning the lights off and getting some shut eye so I'm not too tired and grouchy when I realise I need to wash my face and brush my teeth. Take your time with the routine, washing the day off and making yourself feel as cozy and relaxed as possible. You can even do a face mask if you want. There's no rush at bedtime. Pick out some fresh pyjamas, get as much pillows as you need, and find a cuddly toy if you've got one. You're never too old for a cuddly toy. 

Get well soon,
M x

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