Super Simple Washi Tape Mirror DIY

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After: Shiny and new.

There have been a few DIY projects in my life at the moment due to the whole 'moving house' thing I've been going through. It's been rather fun settling down into a completely different space which I have at my creative mercy! There was a mirror already in my bathroom, just a simple wooden one painted silver, but it didn't fit with the decor look I was going for (see, I can be a functional adult) so I gave myself the task of DIY-ing it up. You can see what the mirror looked like below...

Before: Boring, silver mirror.
Moving back home means a garage full of paint and DIY materials already, saving me a pretty penny. I definitely didn't want to fork out for a pot of paint for this small mirror. I picked a white satin paint to fit the overwhelming whiteness of the rest of my room and bathroom and gave it a few coats. Honestly the hardest part of this DIY was trying not to let the dogs walk all over it when it was drying.

You will need...
Sensibly I remembered to tape around the edges of the mirror where it met the actual mirror so not to get paint on it. Unfortunately I because I chose packing tape instead of masking tape, a lot of the brown of the tape transferred onto the mirror, but it came off with some scraping and scrubbing fortunately. A few strips of washi tape and we have our final product which you can see at the top! My room has a few hints of blue and pink around it, so I picked a lovely light blue tape to place around the edges of the mirror so it didn't look too plain. I love the colour combination, it reminds me of Greek pottery and buildings.

Are you a fan of DIY? Do you have any 'new home' DIY ideas that I could try out? 
M x

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