Delving into the Shoe Box

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Now, I'm aware my shoe collection would not be the envy of a trendy fashion blogger, but I'm just not that sort of person. I like shoes I can walk in, which you can probably tell by the enormous lack of shoes with heels in these photos. My graduation shoes are the blue cut-out flats you can see here. A glamorous day with no heels and, boy, was I glad I made that decision. My feet were killing me just in flats.

I try not to buy a lot of shoes as I feel I already have a good amount to not wear the same ones every day (although I normally do anyway). I'm still heartbroken about having to throw away my favourite Topshop chelsea boots because the heel wear was beyond repair. I replaced them with the Boohoo cut out boots with the buckle you can see below. I don't love them as much as the Topshop ones, but I'm getting on with them!

2. Old Multi-Stripe Converse.
3. Old Starry Converse - I've never been able to find these online! My dad picked them up for me from Australia about five years ago.
4. My mum's old cherry red Doc Martens from when she was younger than me. I'm so glad these have been passed down to me because I absolutely adore them.

5. H&M tile-patterned flats from last summer.
6. Some quirky H&M pink brogues I won off of eBay. I've never seen anything like them before but they make me feel like an old film star.
7. By far my most expensive shoes. I got them half price in a Kurt Geiger sale and barely wear them for fear of ruining them. They're surprisingly comfortable though, so they're a definite winner for me.
8. New Look brogues I got for about £5 in a sale three years ago. They're limited edition too!

9. Another hand-me-down from my mum, but these are definitely not as old. She never wore them and I couldn't bear to part with them when she asked me to put them up on eBay.
10. £7 Primark shiny red shoes. Rude to say no, really.
11. Yes, I own trainers. For exercise.
12. The aforementioned graduation shoes. They were sold out of so many Topshop stores and I luckily managed to get some online. Seems they were very popular, and I can see why. They're so simple, yet beautiful. 

13. A pair of black ASOS wedges I bought for a fancy dress costume in the first year of university. They're pretty much my go-to shoe if I need to get dressed up as they match my mostly all-black outfits.
14. Now, these are definitely a going-out shoe, but the enormous heel means I only really wear them for sitting-down occasions. I picked them up from River Island on a massive whim, but I can't part with them because LOOK AT THEM.
15. I'm so happy I managed to snap up these ASOS shoes because they sold out SO quickly and I've seen a lot of people disappointed about not getting them.
16. And finally, another cute ASOS pair, perfect for summer dresses and skirts.

I don't know how interesting my shoe collection would be to anyone, but it seemed like a fun post idea and I really enjoyed going through all of them.

M x

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