Blog Love: New Finds #2

9:00 am

I've become very aware that I haven't done a Blog Love post since my first one in February and since then have discovered so many incredible blogs that I'm eager to share with you all. The use of 'new' in the title is definitely to be taken as very loose terms for this post...

Holly is relatively new to blogging but, boy, is she good at it. She's a lovely girl who produces wonderful content that I'm always eager to read when I see there's a new post!

Paper Thin is definitely easy on the eyes. Every post is aesthetically gorgeous, but also a joy to read.

After an unfortunate incident on her blog client, Giada has had to recreate her amazing blog from scratch. Luckily she's taken this clean slate in her stride and is producing some of the best blog posts I've seen around. Definitely check her out!

Out of all of the wonderfully kind and friendly people I've met through blogging, Alice has got to be one of the best. Her blog is one of my absolute favourites and should be one of yours too.

If you're looking for positive thoughts and beautiful words, Sally's blog is the place to go. She's incredibly inspiring and I haven't found any other blog like hers.

Finally we have Reverie Lane, the work of the lovely Emma. The style of her blog is gorgeously sweet and she always has the most original ideas for her posts. Also, just check out her photos. Absolutely. Incredible.

I hope you discover some lovely new blogs today, and make sure you recommend me some of your favourites too.
M x

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