All-Time Favourite Face Masks

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I'm a dry-skinned gal with very visible pores so my favourite face masks are definitely those of the hydrating or deep cleansing kinds, making my skin feel plumped as well as so fresh and so clean (anthem of my life). So, are you ready for some sexy hand swatches?

1. Super Facialist by Úna Brennan Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask. This product smells very strongly of roses, so if your skin doesn't get on with heavily-scented products, this might now be for you. However is does claim to be suitable 'for even the most sensitive skin', so maybe you should do your own research on that one as I am no expect on the matter! In fact it's so heavily-scented that after swatching another two masks on my hand, after it was all washed off my skin still smelled of roses. Anyway, back on topic. This mask is incredible for if you want a quick fix for dry, seen-better-days skin. After leaving on for the stated short time of five minutes, you will immediately feel a difference in your skin. Soothing, softening, and plumping. Because it's such a light, soothing mask, I use it multiple times a week without having to worry about irritation. A simple and quick addition to your usual skincare routine.

2. The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask. I've always found warming masks a very odd concept, and have only recently just gotten over being a bit scared by the feeling they give your skin. However this mask fortunately isn't one that heats to such an uncomfortable temperature and only needs to be on your skin for five minutes for the effects to come through. Because it's from The Body Shop, it's uncoloured and scented only using ginger and cinnamon essential oils, delicious. I use this whenever my pores are looking particularly large or blocked and it leaves my skin feeling shiny and new.

3. The Body Shop Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask. Now, I look at this like an amped-up version of the Warming Mineral Mask with even more deep cleansing powers for when your skin is an utter disaster. My one important comment on this mask would be that it can skin on sensitive or damaged skin, so be careful where you smear it. Also, keep it away from your eyes. I find focusing on the centre of the face is the best bet because otherwise your eyes will water A LOT. Don't let this put you off though, it's a brilliant mask that'll give you a whole new face (see: exaggeration) if you let it do its work. It has that 'traditional face mask' look and feel that you imagine when you think of 'proper' face masks with tiny granules and a clay-like scent. I like to save this for special occasions as it does pack quite the punch and definitely isn't necessary on a regular basis.

What are your favourite face masks? Do you have any recommendations for dry skin? Always open to new face mask suggestions!
M x

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