This Week I'm Loving #6

6:00 pm

I read and watch a lot of things I find interesting during the week and never really think to share them, unless it's through a Twitter retweet. The wonderful thing about the internet (okay, one of the many wonderful things) is the ability it gives you to see so much and share it with others, so here we go. Here are some of the things I've been loving this week online. Some videos, some articles, some drawings. Let me know if you like this type of format. I know I ALWAYS love when people do link lists like this. Some things you just don't find on your own. Enjoy!

  • Spend a lot of time on your own? Here's a really interesting piece on how to date yourself, you gorgeous thing, you. 
'Treat yourself! It's not narcissistic; it's love.'

  • Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's ongoing art series 'Stop Telling Women to Smile' is something I stumbled upon on Facebook the other day and, once I managed to source the image I saw to her site, find really inspiring. Below is a video on the series. Her art is incredibly beautiful.

  • Every week I love Laverne Cox. She really does rock. At the end of May she featured on the cover of TIME Magazine which is bloody brilliant, and there's a video to accompany her photo shoot where she talks about her experiences. She really is a wonderful, wonderful woman.

  • I loved this illustration from Little Doodles. I'll never not chuckle at the pigeon and the doughnut, it's absolutely adorable.

  • Everything Tavi Gevinson does. I actually did a Youtube search and watched about five videos in a row of interviews with her. She's pretty much my #1 inspiration for everything.

What have you been loving this week? Feel free to share ANY links with me as I love reading or watching as many things as possible in a day. 
M x

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