Recent Reads #2

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By the looks of it, I haven't done a recent reads post since mid-February, and for good reason! The past few months of this year have been essay deadlines and moving away from uni, but I've managed to actually fit in some reading for pleasure for the first time since before Christmas. It still feels extremely indulgent to be reading instead of working, but I hope the feeling continues as I've really missed cuddling up in bed with a good book. Here are two books I've recently finished!

Angela Carter, Don DeLillo

The Passion of New Eve - Angela Carter
Rating - 5/5

I've been a fan of Carter's work since studying The Bloody Chamber for A Level English Literature. The words and phrases she chooses to craft her strange fantasy worlds are ones I'd never think of, but they work so magically and beautifully, I'll never tire of her style. The Passion of New Eve is a very odd book, but one I found myself unable to put down and unwilling to finish. It follows the story of Evelyn, a young man who must learn what it is to be a young woman. I don't want to give any of the story away because the twists and turns are just phenomenal. It perfectly captures the struggles women can face, even if in the weirdest way possible.

Genre - Magic Realism, Fantasy, LGBT.

Read this if you like... LGBT fiction, dystopias, stories about women and their lives.


White Noise - Don DeLillo
Rating - 4/5

If you're a sucker for satire and groan at the modern world, this is the book for you. Detailing the trials of a Hitler Studies teacher, Jack Gladney, White Noise paints the world in a negative light. The intrusive, soul-sucking power of television and radio, the placebo effects of unnecessary modern medicine, the world's power to repress the truth, our effect on the environment. These are all themes covered in this engrossing book. At times I found it all a bit trivial, but the majority of this novel did keep me interested even if it was overwhelmingly pessimistic at the best of times. I'd still recommend it, however, as a gateway into thinking about the way modern society works. 

Genre - Science Fiction, Satire.

Read this if you like... satires of modern living, technology, and media.

What have you been reading recently?
M x

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