Comic and Graphic Novel Recommendations #1

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The Odyssey - Gareth Hinds (Based on Homer's The Odyssey)

A graphic novel adaptation of an epic poem? Count me in! Well, I'm already counted in because I've already read it. Otherwise it would make no sense why I was recommending this to you. Pettiness aside, this is brilliant if you want to get into Homer or are interested in the story of The Odyssey and are wary to go straight into the source text. You get an insight into the trials of Odysseus which could help you when reading Homer's piece later if you chose to. I studied Joyce's Ulysses for my degree which takes inspirations from The Odyssey, so this graphic novel version was brilliant as I was trying to align the characters and stories in my mind. Hinds has also done a graphic novel adaptation of Beowulf, so I'm definitely going to be picking that up soon!

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Grant Morrison and Dave McKean

You can't really go wrong with Batman graphic novels. It's always interested to see how someone can take the source material of one character/world and create a whole new story out of it. That's part of the beauty of comics and graphic novels: everything goes. So many tales of the same character contradict each other, but that's the beauty of it. You get an overlapping tapestry that you'll never bore of. Arkham Asylum is a brilliant graphic novel to start with as it introduces a huge number of Batman's nemeses and the darker side of the Caped Crusader that we've seen recently with Nolan's film trilogy and other books like The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again. 

Watchmen - Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

The one and only. The graphic novel that made graphic novels an 'acceptable' form of literature, arguably, making its place onto Time Magazine's 100 Best Novels. Not saying that graphic novels need confirmation from mass sources, but it helps gain readership to a medium many people boy off for being 'only for guys' or 'just for kids'. Trust me, Watchmen is not for kids. A brilliant story of superheroes and villians, but not in the obvious binary offering they're usually given. Goodies are baddies and baddies are goodies. Essential reading. 

Are you a graphic novel or comic fan? Let me know your recommendations and if you'd be interested in more posts like this one!
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