A Gorgeous '& Other Stories' Purchase

9:00 am

It was my birthday a month ago and I ended up spending the day in London with my mum getting my shop on, only to end up buying next to nothing! It's always the way, as soon as you have the money and the time to treat yourself, you can't find anything. However we did end up going into & Other Stories not once but TWICE that day and I immediately fell in love with this salmon pink/dusty red/whatever colour you want to call it really purse. I didn't buy it immediately in store because the smart side of me was telling me to save up my money and that I didn't need a new purse, so I left empty-handed, boo. Obviously my better side took over once I'd been home for a few days and I ordered it for myself, as it has been my 21st birthday and I hadn't treated myself to anything!

So here's the gorgeous purse. As you can see it's already had a bit of wear where I've been taking my cards in and out. It's very plain and simple, but I love how classy it looks and the pink colour isn't overpowering. The stitching is much better than on any purse I've ever owned and the gold detailing is stunning, look at that zip! I definitely feel like I've got my money's worth with this beauty and have been eyeing up the matching pouch and coin purse...oops. I can't wait to travel down to London again to have another gander at the wonderful things & Other Stories sell. 

Have you ever bought anything from &OS?
M x

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