Fictional Bucket List - Book Tag

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Most of the books I read aren't really that joyful, or filled with fun things I want to do too, so this fictional bucket list pretty much stems from books I read as a child or teen. There aren't many experiences I'd want to share with the characters of books I read now. So here is another wonderful tag inspired by Bee's post months and months ago. Check out her blog if you haven't already, along with the blog she writes with her boyfriend Luke on films, television, and other wonderful things. But now it's time for my fictional bucket list tag attempt, I hope you enjoy!

Harry Potter and Hogsmede
Explore Hogsmede, buying lots of sweets and tiptoeing round the Shrieking Shack.
Perks of Being a Wallflower and Infinity
Ride through that tunnel at night and feel infinite.
A Great Gatsby Party
Party like it's 1922.
Eat, Pray, and Love
Eat, Pray and Love, maybe? Mainly eat.
Universally Challenged?
Be Universally Challenged on University Challenge.
I tag you all! If you do complete this tag, be sure to link me to your post because I'd love to see what you put down! 
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Puppy Perils

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  • You will trip over them more times than anyone can count
  • You may treat them like humans and a member of the family, but they're dogs. They will have a weird interest in other animal's poo.
  • However well-behaved you train them to be, they'll still try to eat the window cleaner/postman/milkman.
  • They will try, and sometimes succeed, to catch small, cute animals. Prepare yourself.
  • You will want to take photos of them all the time, and no-one really cares about photos of your dog after you've taken more than two.
  • Hair. Everywhere.
  • Muddy footprints. Everywhere.
But still adorable.
M x


Mixtape #5

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This mixtape's theme is a personal one. I'm going to fill it with songs that remind me of my uni experience now that it's over and I'm looking back at the amazing times I had with my friends. There'll be no limit to the number of songs this week purely so I can reminisce for as long as possible!

65 songs. I actually had to stop adding them because it was getting a bit ridiculous! I hope you enjoy this incredibly weird mix of songs.

M x


Gallery Wall Inspiration

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I've become a fiend once more for Pinterest since moving into my new place, and gallery walls have taken over my life. Now it's time to fork out for a million photo frames...

Have any of you had any success in making a gallery wall? I'd love to see photos if so!
M x

All photos from Pinterest. Click through for links.


Decor Details

9:00 am

Today I thought I'd let you guys have a little sneaka peeka at my new digs, or at least the very few things in my new digs that aren't in a messy pile or without a home. Did not have the time or energy to Photoshop any of these pictures, so forgive any awful lighting or visible doggy paw prints on my bedding. Honestly, don't get new bedding if you have a puppy. 

Toodles, chicas.
M x


A Hello Harriet Phone Case

9:00 am

When I received a phone call saying I could get an early upgrade on my phone, I was in heaven. I'd been eyeing up one of the colourful iPhone 5Cs since they were released. I'd also really been wanting a new phone case (can you guess which one?) for a number of months but felt it would be pointless forking out cash for a lovely custom one if it would be the wrong size for my phone a few months later. 

The phone case in question is, of course, his adorable French bulldog print number from Hello Harriet. It fits snugly to my phone with no worry about if being too loose and my phone dropping out when I answered the phone. The quality is incredibly impressive too, the design being high-quality printed rather than stuck on so there's no worry of it peeling or scratching off. Overall, I am so, so in love with this case and would recommend Hello Harriet to everyone if you want a beautiful, good quality product!

Have a look at Harriet's Etsy store here!
M x


Comic and Graphic Novel Recommendations #1

9:00 am

The Odyssey - Gareth Hinds (Based on Homer's The Odyssey)

A graphic novel adaptation of an epic poem? Count me in! Well, I'm already counted in because I've already read it. Otherwise it would make no sense why I was recommending this to you. Pettiness aside, this is brilliant if you want to get into Homer or are interested in the story of The Odyssey and are wary to go straight into the source text. You get an insight into the trials of Odysseus which could help you when reading Homer's piece later if you chose to. I studied Joyce's Ulysses for my degree which takes inspirations from The Odyssey, so this graphic novel version was brilliant as I was trying to align the characters and stories in my mind. Hinds has also done a graphic novel adaptation of Beowulf, so I'm definitely going to be picking that up soon!

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Grant Morrison and Dave McKean

You can't really go wrong with Batman graphic novels. It's always interested to see how someone can take the source material of one character/world and create a whole new story out of it. That's part of the beauty of comics and graphic novels: everything goes. So many tales of the same character contradict each other, but that's the beauty of it. You get an overlapping tapestry that you'll never bore of. Arkham Asylum is a brilliant graphic novel to start with as it introduces a huge number of Batman's nemeses and the darker side of the Caped Crusader that we've seen recently with Nolan's film trilogy and other books like The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again. 

Watchmen - Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

The one and only. The graphic novel that made graphic novels an 'acceptable' form of literature, arguably, making its place onto Time Magazine's 100 Best Novels. Not saying that graphic novels need confirmation from mass sources, but it helps gain readership to a medium many people boy off for being 'only for guys' or 'just for kids'. Trust me, Watchmen is not for kids. A brilliant story of superheroes and villians, but not in the obvious binary offering they're usually given. Goodies are baddies and baddies are goodies. Essential reading. 

Are you a graphic novel or comic fan? Let me know your recommendations and if you'd be interested in more posts like this one!
M x


Death Stars, Now Available at Your Nearest Ikea...

9:00 am

Okay, I know they don't look much like Death Stars, but in my mind...they're Death Stars. You just pull the cord and THIS HAPPENS. I want one so badly.

M x

P.S. If you want to watch a thought-provoking video on the culture of Ikea, look no further!


Recent Reads #2

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By the looks of it, I haven't done a recent reads post since mid-February, and for good reason! The past few months of this year have been essay deadlines and moving away from uni, but I've managed to actually fit in some reading for pleasure for the first time since before Christmas. It still feels extremely indulgent to be reading instead of working, but I hope the feeling continues as I've really missed cuddling up in bed with a good book. Here are two books I've recently finished!

Angela Carter, Don DeLillo

The Passion of New Eve - Angela Carter
Rating - 5/5

I've been a fan of Carter's work since studying The Bloody Chamber for A Level English Literature. The words and phrases she chooses to craft her strange fantasy worlds are ones I'd never think of, but they work so magically and beautifully, I'll never tire of her style. The Passion of New Eve is a very odd book, but one I found myself unable to put down and unwilling to finish. It follows the story of Evelyn, a young man who must learn what it is to be a young woman. I don't want to give any of the story away because the twists and turns are just phenomenal. It perfectly captures the struggles women can face, even if in the weirdest way possible.

Genre - Magic Realism, Fantasy, LGBT.

Read this if you like... LGBT fiction, dystopias, stories about women and their lives.


White Noise - Don DeLillo
Rating - 4/5

If you're a sucker for satire and groan at the modern world, this is the book for you. Detailing the trials of a Hitler Studies teacher, Jack Gladney, White Noise paints the world in a negative light. The intrusive, soul-sucking power of television and radio, the placebo effects of unnecessary modern medicine, the world's power to repress the truth, our effect on the environment. These are all themes covered in this engrossing book. At times I found it all a bit trivial, but the majority of this novel did keep me interested even if it was overwhelmingly pessimistic at the best of times. I'd still recommend it, however, as a gateway into thinking about the way modern society works. 

Genre - Science Fiction, Satire.

Read this if you like... satires of modern living, technology, and media.

What have you been reading recently?
M x

this week I'm loving

This Week I'm Loving #6

6:00 pm

I read and watch a lot of things I find interesting during the week and never really think to share them, unless it's through a Twitter retweet. The wonderful thing about the internet (okay, one of the many wonderful things) is the ability it gives you to see so much and share it with others, so here we go. Here are some of the things I've been loving this week online. Some videos, some articles, some drawings. Let me know if you like this type of format. I know I ALWAYS love when people do link lists like this. Some things you just don't find on your own. Enjoy!

  • Spend a lot of time on your own? Here's a really interesting piece on how to date yourself, you gorgeous thing, you. 
'Treat yourself! It's not narcissistic; it's love.'

  • Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's ongoing art series 'Stop Telling Women to Smile' is something I stumbled upon on Facebook the other day and, once I managed to source the image I saw to her site, find really inspiring. Below is a video on the series. Her art is incredibly beautiful.

  • Every week I love Laverne Cox. She really does rock. At the end of May she featured on the cover of TIME Magazine which is bloody brilliant, and there's a video to accompany her photo shoot where she talks about her experiences. She really is a wonderful, wonderful woman.

  • I loved this illustration from Little Doodles. I'll never not chuckle at the pigeon and the doughnut, it's absolutely adorable.

  • Everything Tavi Gevinson does. I actually did a Youtube search and watched about five videos in a row of interviews with her. She's pretty much my #1 inspiration for everything.

What have you been loving this week? Feel free to share ANY links with me as I love reading or watching as many things as possible in a day. 
M x


Inspiring Talks #1

9:00 am

I love TED Talks, I really really do. They're inspiring, enlightening, and sometimes terribly hilarious. My favourites are the ones where you can learn about another person's incredible life and come away inspired to create and to live. Here's the first part in a series (hopefully) where I'll be sharing some of the talks that have given me the most enjoyment. They won't all be TED talks, some will be from other lecture series', but they will all be wonderful.

'Brene Brown studies human connection -- our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk at TEDxHouston, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity.'

'Celebrated illustrator and author Maira Kalman believes that everything that delights you needs to be documented. Sharing images from a range of her projects, Kalman talks about her curiosities and inspirations. Exploring the themes that matter to her the most -- time, work, and love -- Kalman fascinates us with her wisdom, whimsical illustrations, and her clever trick to slow down time.'


(All written descriptions of these videos are taken from their Youtube pages, I didn't write them myself.)

Please share with me any talks you absolutely love! I really enjoy watching them. 
M x


Belated Birthday Bliss

9:00 am

Amidst the stress of moving back in with family, leaving uni, and general sniffles, I got a lovely late birthday party thrown for me so I got to see a lot of the family I didn't get to see around my actual birthday. Cake, party rings, and sausage rolls galore! I didn't get many photos but here are the few that I did manage to capture. Obligatory beer alongside the banoffee pie. 

M x


A Gorgeous '& Other Stories' Purchase

9:00 am

It was my birthday a month ago and I ended up spending the day in London with my mum getting my shop on, only to end up buying next to nothing! It's always the way, as soon as you have the money and the time to treat yourself, you can't find anything. However we did end up going into & Other Stories not once but TWICE that day and I immediately fell in love with this salmon pink/dusty red/whatever colour you want to call it really purse. I didn't buy it immediately in store because the smart side of me was telling me to save up my money and that I didn't need a new purse, so I left empty-handed, boo. Obviously my better side took over once I'd been home for a few days and I ordered it for myself, as it has been my 21st birthday and I hadn't treated myself to anything!

So here's the gorgeous purse. As you can see it's already had a bit of wear where I've been taking my cards in and out. It's very plain and simple, but I love how classy it looks and the pink colour isn't overpowering. The stitching is much better than on any purse I've ever owned and the gold detailing is stunning, look at that zip! I definitely feel like I've got my money's worth with this beauty and have been eyeing up the matching pouch and coin purse...oops. I can't wait to travel down to London again to have another gander at the wonderful things & Other Stories sell. 

Have you ever bought anything from &OS?
M x


iPhone Apps, Ahoy!

9:00 am


Today I thought I'd just show you a few of my favourite apps on my phone that make life easier, or just more enjoyable. 

Afterlight - 69p

The #1 photo editing app in my opinion. Enough filters to shake a stick at, frames, backgrounds. It's ideal if you want your Instagram photos to be something a little different to just a tiny square photo with a filter.

TimerCam - Free

A basic app that gives your camera a self-timer, something iPhones are sorely missing out on. Very simple to use, ideal if you want to take outfit or group photos.

AlienBlue - Free

A Reddit client so you can use the site easy on the go. If you're a Reddit user with an iPhone and you don't have AlienBlue, who are you?


Evernote - Free

All you need if you're on the go a lot and need something to read. Make an account, install Evernote Web Clipper on your computer's web browser, and start saving articles you're interested in. Sign in on the phone app and all of those articles will sync to your phone so you can read them on the bus, the tube, wherever you want!

Absolute Radio - Free

My favourite radio station, or one of many if you count Absolute Radio 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s or Classic Rock! Choose between any and, if you make an account, get limited ads and bonus songs. 

Depop - Free

Sell your unwanted clothes and accessories quickly and easily. Like Instagram, but for selling things. You've got nothing to lose.


Headspace - Free

A beginner's guide to meditation. This programme has completely changed my way of thinking. You get the first course, Take10, absolutely free but once you're finished, you'll want to pay for access to all of the rest. Incredibly good value for money and you can listen to the 10 free sessions as many times as you wish with no charge. - Free

Another meditation app, this time you can pick your meditation time anywhere between 2 and 3 minutes. There are lots of different programmes to try, from anxiety release to confidence, energy to sleep support. 

I hope you find something here that you can benefit from! Sorry about the layout being a bit skewed, Blogger clearly doesn't want me to be happy today. Let me know if there are any other iPhone apps you love and would recommend. M x