Trouble Sleeping?

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As yes, sleeping. One of those things that's both so wonderful but sometimes so hard to achieve. For an unfortunate number of people, sleep is elusive, tricky, and just plain unfair to them. Luckily for me, I don't have these experiences, but hopefully some of the methods I use to get to sleep more easily will make the journey a little less difficult for one or two of you lovely readers. 

Step One: Bathe. Step one is always bathe. Wash the day off (cleanse your face and brush your teeth while you're at it), use a bubble bath or bath salts especially made to relax your muscles and your mind. Sip a bedtime malt drink or a soothing bedtime tea. Turn the lights down as low as you can, light some candles so it's not pitch black (we don't want any accidents now, do we?). Embrace the silence, the darkness, and the warmth. It's like being back in the womb, only less weird. If you want, put on some music, something relaxing but not too wallowy. We don't want to go to bed feeling sad. Bedtime is happy time.

Step Two: Dry off, slap on something to make your skin baby soft (back to the whole womb/baby metaphor again, I see), and crawl into your softest pyjamas, preferably freshly cleaned (wash your bedding whilst you're at it, unless you don't want irresistible comfort and marshmallowy goodness?). Here is where we need to focus because you can't sleep if you're not cuddly, it's scientific fact (don't quote me on that). Now is the time to finish off your skincare routine too, so get your tone/serum/oil/moisturise on, gurrrrrrrl.

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Body Butter - Christmas Limited Edition
Primark Miffy pyjama bottoms

Step Three: Create bedtime nirvana, AKA turn your bed into the ultimate den. I'm talking blankets, cushions, pillows, cuddly toys, anything that'll stop you from feeling tense and uncomfortable. We want to be soft and squishy, but supported (like boobs, if we want another weird metaphor). Spritz some scented spray over your bed (preferably something marketed for bedtime use, or something with lavender/camomile) and take some lovely deep breaths. If you still need to wind down, pick up a book that requires little effort to read, maybe something you've read millions of times before. The comfort of knowing what happens will put your brain in a sense of ease.

Hans Christian Anderson's 'Fairy Tales'

Step Four: When you're feeling ready, pop your head down, close your eyes, and think of wonderful things. Crackling log fires, soft baby animals, heavy rain. Whatever makes you feel calm. If you're still struggling, don't underestimate the effectiveness of some yoga (check out Tara Stiles' playlist of yoga for beginners) or meditation (take a look at and Headspace for a simple start). An important point is not to get frustrated with yourself if you can't nod off straight away. It's better to try, fail, and then get on with something else than lie tossing and turning all night getting wound up.

What methods do you use to get the best nights sleep you can? I'd love to hear some.
M x

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