Sunshine, Sushi & ...Food Poisoning?

6:59 pm

I feel a bit queasy just writing about this, but I'll give it a good go! It's a bit of a sad story. Not 'boo hoo' sad, but 'what a waste of food' sad. Today I went out for a lovely late lunch with my old work mate Lilly whom I love very, very much. Sushi was obviously on the agenda so we checked out a small Japanese restaurant that was local to us (not disclosing the restaurant's name for reasons that will become obvious, or already are if you read the post's title...). Being the greedy pig I am I chose a set meal that gave me a massive tray of various selections of lovely food (see second photo) including tempura, California rolls, lots of rice and some chicken teriaki, as well as a little bowl of miso soup. Absolutely delish! Lilly got a huge bowl of udon noodles with some sushi on the side. All-in-all, a brilliant selection of delectable goodies. It was a lovely day and the weather was gorgeous, I got my legs out for the first time since last summer! I also had a barbecue planned for the evening with some friends off my course, so the day was pretty jam-packed, something I'm totally not used to. 

All was well and good until I came down with the lovely symptoms of food poisoning a few hours later (TMI?), destroying both my appetite and my plans for the rest of the day. Boo hoo. Not a good ending to a nice day, but I guess we just have to deal with these things. I'm now tucked up in bed with some bad TV, craving cheese puffs (whether they'll say down if another question entirely) and feeling a bit sorry for myself. 

I'm hoping you're all having a much better day than I am and feel in tip-top condition! 
M x

P.S. Obligatory Friends reference when we saw unagi on the menu.

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