Daily Doings #1

9:00 am

'I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.' Okay, that's a line from a book. I write this sitting at my desk, sipping a Three Cinnamon tea after a long day of packing and walking. Some of you may know already, but I'll fill everyone in for now. I'm moving out of my university house in a week's time after three years of living in a city away from home. It's been an amazing experience and such fun, but now it's time to head back down south to the homelands. Packing is already an absolute nightmare as I left it THIS late to realise I only have one box for packing. And it's already full. Oops. That didn't stop me from dismantling my bookcase though. 

Yes, the photos are all going to be on this level of dull.

Don't even bring up packing clothes. I've managed to just about fit half of my wardrobe in one suitcase. We'll ignore there's also a whole chest of drawers worth of clothes to pack up. Cue another stunningly exciting photo, or maybe two.

Toodles, winter clothes.
Finally taking down the Halloween decorations that've been up for two whole years
Empty walls.

Strangely the worst part of moving out so far has been trying to empty my food cupboards, fridge, and freezer. Yes, I know, food should be fun but unless I find some new, exciting recipes soon, these odd food combos might be the death of me. Although I did just eat half a tub of frozen yogurt and a chunk of cheese, so I'm not really complaining yet. 

And that concludes the most boring post I'll ever write, but it's pretty much all that's going on at the moment!
M x

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