This Week I'm Loving... #5

9:00 am

That's right, I'm back with a vengeance. The work load has plateaued and I've managed to incorporate blogging time into my daily schedule now I no longer have any classes (sob, my degree is technically over, minus my dissertation and all those other pesky essays). Here are a few products I've been loving this week. 

Perfect for giving your hair that little somethin' somethin' it deserves. Works as a brilliant base for any other haircare products and gives texture with stickiness or hardness (that's what she said).

I wasn't really enamored with this product when it was first re-released back last year, but now I've fallen. The silky shine it gives your skin, the fragrance, the packaging. Oh boy, putting down my matte powders to get a little bitta this in my life.

A sight to behold. My first delve into the Naked palette universe and I'm in love. The consistency and pigmentation of these shadows are just to die for. Using the shade 'Naked 2' on a daily basis, smoking it up with a bit of 'Faint' when I feel like it, and using 'Venus' under my brows to highlight. Not sure what I'm going to use 'Crave' for, but I'm willing to experiment.

End one of the Archery tint/pencil. This creates the perfect colour for me and the effect of tiny hairs filling in my brows. It's going to take a lot to convert me back to pencils after using this.

End two, the definer. I use this to go round my brows after filling them in to give them more shape. It's an odd waxy texture and at first I didn't think it would do much but, oh boy, does it. Try this product NOW.

What have you been loving this week? And yes, it's good to be back.
M x

P.S. I was unaware how many of these photos are just backed by Nigella's boob. Sorry, not sorry.

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