A Barefaced 21st Birthday Promise

9:00 am

The other day I looked in the mirror after taking my makeup off and my skin looked sallow and grey. Today is my 21st birthday and I've decided to make myself a promise, or a mission, I guess. I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, but this is a resolution of sorts. I'm going to give makeup a rest and start caring for my skin more. I'll still wear makeup for special occasions, and I doubt I'll go every day absolutely barefaced, but it's a mission I've chosen to accept and I think it could actually be quite fun!

The plan is to start off by switching up my full-coverage foundation with something more sheer, maybe a tinted moisturiser, a BB cream, or just mix my foundation with my day cream when I moisturise. I luckily don't need a full-coverage foundation for my skin, but I do always like a bit more colour because my skin is so fair. I'm hoping giving it a chance to breathe will give it a new lease of life.

My biggest challenge is going to be letting go of winged liner. I'd switch to no makeup in an instant if it wasn't for eyeliner. I've worn it pretty much every single day for the past three years, so now when I don't wear it, I hate what I look like. My eyes look tired and sunken, which is probably due to the heavy eye makeup I wear daily, so it's going to be difficult, but hopefully worth it. Also brows. I dread walking around without my brows filled in, but I also cannot walk around with ONLY my brows done without looking startled. To start with I'll probably just opt for less definition or pigmentation, giving myself a filled-brow still, but more natural. 

Enough with the wall of text, it's birthday time! I'll update my progress on the task at hand but for now it's time to shop!
M x

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