Sunday #3

7:00 pm

As of this week, I've finished my degree (eek!) and apart from handing in my final essays tomorrow, I'm a free woman. Of course this has meant reading, scrapbooking (to an extent) and a lot of Netflix, especially Peep Show. I'm onto the most recent season now after churning through the last episodes of Lost earlier this week. The complete lack of guilt I feel from doing nothing because I have no work to do is BRILLIANT. Not much else to say on the matter, my brain is a bit worn out from being so lazy. More interesting things to come!

M x


March Cinema - The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Double

12:44 pm

Another very enjoyable month of cinema visits. Feast your eyes upon the darkly-twee imaginings of Wes Anderson in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel', and the Kafkaesque black humour of Richard Ayoade's 'The Double'. I know this post is a little far into April, but my dissertation, guys. My dissertation.

Arguably Wes Anderson's greatest movie to date, The Grand Budapest Hotel surpassed all of my expectations. It's difficult to summarise the story of this gorgeous film but it takes place in a hotel (shockingly) as a writer seeks to find the story behind its past magnificence. The story is a brilliant one with aspects you would never see coming, with a huge dash of black humour and Ralph Fiennes, by far the best part of the entire film, making you titter as he swears out of the blue. I can't find much to say about this film but I'd recommend it to anyone, Anderson fan or not. It'll catch you by surprise.


If you're a fan of British comedy, 'Submarine', Jesse Eisenberg or Mia Wasikowska, you'll recognise 99% of the people in this film. That aside, this film is good. Very, very good. Adapted from a Dostoyevsky short story, 'The Double' is the tale of a young man who becomes haunted by his own doppelganger, but no one else seems to notice the resemblance. The film is visually beautiful in its emptiness but smart use of colour, symmetrical shots, and setting straight out of an Orwellian classic. I don't want to give this film away to you as I had a brilliant time going into it with no idea what was going to happen. Eisenberg shows his fantastic acting talents through the tiny changes of body language and facial ticks that define these two characters. 



A Barefaced 21st Birthday Promise

9:00 am

The other day I looked in the mirror after taking my makeup off and my skin looked sallow and grey. Today is my 21st birthday and I've decided to make myself a promise, or a mission, I guess. I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, but this is a resolution of sorts. I'm going to give makeup a rest and start caring for my skin more. I'll still wear makeup for special occasions, and I doubt I'll go every day absolutely barefaced, but it's a mission I've chosen to accept and I think it could actually be quite fun!

The plan is to start off by switching up my full-coverage foundation with something more sheer, maybe a tinted moisturiser, a BB cream, or just mix my foundation with my day cream when I moisturise. I luckily don't need a full-coverage foundation for my skin, but I do always like a bit more colour because my skin is so fair. I'm hoping giving it a chance to breathe will give it a new lease of life.

My biggest challenge is going to be letting go of winged liner. I'd switch to no makeup in an instant if it wasn't for eyeliner. I've worn it pretty much every single day for the past three years, so now when I don't wear it, I hate what I look like. My eyes look tired and sunken, which is probably due to the heavy eye makeup I wear daily, so it's going to be difficult, but hopefully worth it. Also brows. I dread walking around without my brows filled in, but I also cannot walk around with ONLY my brows done without looking startled. To start with I'll probably just opt for less definition or pigmentation, giving myself a filled-brow still, but more natural. 

Enough with the wall of text, it's birthday time! I'll update my progress on the task at hand but for now it's time to shop!
M x


PSA: Do Not Put Banana In Your Hair

6:23 pm

So yeah, don't put banana in your hair, okay? I put it on, I left it whilst having a lovely bath, and then I went to wash it off. 

Massive. Disaster.

That stuff does not shift. It clumped, it stick, it welded to my hair. I shampooed like crazy, it was still there. I conditioned, still there. I brushed and combed but it only made matters worse. 

The end.
M x


Sunday (+ Saturday) #2

3:03 pm

Here are a couple of photos from my weekend back at home. Froyo, odd toilets, brand new blue jumpers, and plenty of magazines! Hoping you've all had a lovely, relaxing weekend too.

What have you been doing this weekend?
M x


This Week I'm Loving... #5

9:00 am

That's right, I'm back with a vengeance. The work load has plateaued and I've managed to incorporate blogging time into my daily schedule now I no longer have any classes (sob, my degree is technically over, minus my dissertation and all those other pesky essays). Here are a few products I've been loving this week. 

Perfect for giving your hair that little somethin' somethin' it deserves. Works as a brilliant base for any other haircare products and gives texture with stickiness or hardness (that's what she said).

I wasn't really enamored with this product when it was first re-released back last year, but now I've fallen. The silky shine it gives your skin, the fragrance, the packaging. Oh boy, putting down my matte powders to get a little bitta this in my life.

A sight to behold. My first delve into the Naked palette universe and I'm in love. The consistency and pigmentation of these shadows are just to die for. Using the shade 'Naked 2' on a daily basis, smoking it up with a bit of 'Faint' when I feel like it, and using 'Venus' under my brows to highlight. Not sure what I'm going to use 'Crave' for, but I'm willing to experiment.

End one of the Archery tint/pencil. This creates the perfect colour for me and the effect of tiny hairs filling in my brows. It's going to take a lot to convert me back to pencils after using this.

End two, the definer. I use this to go round my brows after filling them in to give them more shape. It's an odd waxy texture and at first I didn't think it would do much but, oh boy, does it. Try this product NOW.

What have you been loving this week? And yes, it's good to be back.
M x

P.S. I was unaware how many of these photos are just backed by Nigella's boob. Sorry, not sorry.