Probably The Best Haul I'll Ever Do A.K.A. That Time I Actually Won Something

9:00 am

As very few of you may know a few weeks ago I was the incredibly lucky winner of Nouvelle Daily's 1st birthday giveaway. I won £100 to spend on and, naturally, I blew it all at once on one darn gorgeous beauty haul. It's my birthday in a few weeks so I felt treating myself all in one go was the best way to do things. My face when these goodies arrived was definitely something I wish had been recorded, the lovely lady delivering the parcels looked rather taken aback. 

Haircare wise, I splashed out on the Bumble & bumble, picking up my first of their products. I like a fair bit of texture in my hair, the undone look is one I highly condone and relish in on a daily basis. Low fuss = happy Megan. I picked up their Tousled Two-Step gift set which contained Bb. Texture and Bb. Thickening Hairspray for £27 to give my hair the oomph it needs, and then their ever-popular Sunday Shampoo to get rid of all the build up from the week, leaving me squeaking clean for Sunday bedtime. Finally for haircare I picked up a new Tangle Teezer as I've had mine for YEARS and it's in very poor shape. 

On the bodycare front I only purchased one item, but from a company I absolutely adore. Korres have such a gorgeous ethic and use the most wonderfully scented ingredients in their products. Having already been a fan of their Jasmine range and their lip balms, I thought I'd give the delicious-sounding Mint Tea scrub a try. 

Yes, I picked up 'that' lip balm (Nuxe Baume Levres Reve de Miel), and upon the first few uses I can happily confirm that this product is THE HOLY GRAIL of all lip balms. Holy moly, this stuff smells, tastes, and feels gorgeous. I'm never going back, I promise. 

Of all the Naked palettes to choose, I know a lot of you might be wondering why I didn't pick up their latest, greatest offering. Honestly, I liked the look of Naked Basics better from the very beginning of my beauty education. The mattes are absolutely beautiful and I just love the selection of colours you're given in this lovely little palette. It's so adorable, I may never get over it.

No online order is complete without a candle, so I picked up this jasmine, ginger and sandalwood number from Neom Organics. This is their 'Restore' candle and it smells like bliss. I can put it on the other side of the room unlit and the whole floor of the house will smell within a few minutes, stunning.

Finally are the two  brushes I picked up to add to my ever-growing collection. These are the Real Techniques Stippling and Shading brushes. Please excuse the mess on the shading brush, I was having a whale of a time trying out my Naked palette. Boy, does that brush pick up the perfect amount and pack it on. I'm yet to try the stippling brush but I've heard nothing but amazing things about it. I'll keep you posted!

I hope you enjoyed my little (pah!) haul and are having a lovely week, you deserve it.
Lots of love,
M x

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