February Cinema - Her and The Book Thief

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Last month I saw two films at the cinema which is quite a lot for me considering how few films there usually are that I'm wanting to see on the big screen. I normally have the patience to wait for the DVD release date, but in the case of these two films I wanted to see them the moment I heard about them.

I want to see Her once more before saying this statement with 100%  truth, but I honestly think this is my favourite film of all time. To summarise: smart operating systems are invented that the user can speak to and the system grows with the more it learns into something that can be identified as a human consciousness. It's a brilliant story for a time where everyone walking down the street is involved in something in their hand or pocket or headphones. It's rare to see someone just walking.

Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett's voice, the pastel clothes, the gorgeous world they live in, the music (Arcade Fire, love), and most importantly, the story. Everything was absolutely wonderful and I couldn't have wished for more from this film. I don't want to spoil anything about this film for you but it wasn't what I expected at all, and I was expecting a brilliant, smart, and witty film in the first place. Go and see Her, it won an original screenplay Oscar for a reason.

10/10 - Perfect.

I read The Book Thief over the summer, as I mentioned in a previous post, and fell in love with it. So when I heard there was a film coming out, oh boy, was I excited. To summarise: a girl is adopted by new parents during the Second World War and her world is taken over by the war, her papa's accordian, a mysterious visitor, and the power of reading.

This was a very, very faithful adaptation of the book which made me incredibly happy, however unfortunately parts of it felt very Hollywood. Some of the charm was lost in making the film, but it was still a brilliant film aside from that. I cried, not as much as I did reading the book, but still a substantial amount. It's such a beautiful story and they really have picked the perfect actors to take on such wonderful, real characters. Bonus points to Emily Watson for being the perfect Mama, and the casting director for picking such cute kids.

7/10 - Faithful, beautiful, but cliche in its directing.

What films did you see in the cinema in February?
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