Throwback Thursday: A Summer's Day in Cambridge

9:00 am

It's days like today where the best thing to do is remember summer, a time where coats weren't compulsory, going for brunch was a given, and every photo you take looks like a gorgeous memory. Last summer was a rather interesting one for me as I didn't come home from university for the months that classes weren't on for, but stayed in my rented house and got myself my first ever (proper) job. I know, I know, I may seem lazy for only getting my first real job aged twenty when people are going out at sixteen to earn their keep, but I finally got one which meant staying away from home for not just the uni year, but during the break too. Therefore heading down to spend a few days at home over the weekends became more of a treat than usual and one of those lovely weekends was spent wandering the beautiful streets of Cambridge in the sunshine, finding such things as the wonderful ornate art on the university architecture, and lovely places to stop for some food before hitting the shops.

I'd love to say I picked this place for its crockery, but I was only surprised by this gorgeously decorated saucer my mum's coffee came placed on once lunch was over. The name of the restaurant escapes me months later, but I remember the staff being wonderful, with one man in particular taking a shining to my mum and giving her all sorts of coffee hints and tips. If they were of any use, I don't know, I'm no coffee expert. He might have been just trying to impress her! But nevertheless, everything was stunning, and the place was centered around a huge decorative wooden tree with circular lights to illuminate the rest of the perfect decor.

Of course, shopping commenced after the food had gone down and the waiter had eventually wandered off. Cambridge has a brilliant selection of small boutique shops with indie brands as well as famously-gorgeous ones being shown off in perfectly-organised window displays. Here are some photos of pretty things I found on our expedition around the town centre, none of which I bought unfortunately!

Beautiful wildlife wrapping paper.

More adorable crockery!

And even more.

Even though I'm not a huge fan of summer (insects, sweat and sunburn, ouch), looking back on last year's makes me look forward to another. I mean, I will have finished my degree and be looking forward to (fingers crossed) starting my masters come October. A lot is going to change in the coming months, and it's going to be hard work, but the sunlight at the end of the tunnel is there somewhere and I cannot for the life of me wait to see it.

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