So, here we are.

12:04 am

Here we are, starting a blog together. How does it feel? A bit weird actually. I don't know who I'm writing to or for or anything like that. I'm just writing, getting things out there, telling perhaps a tiny microcosm of people, if I'm lucky, about my life and my thoughts, my hopes and my wishes, my dreams and maybe even my fears. You'd think as an English student I'd have some sort of knack with words. I've tried my hand at writing online articles, and I've had positive feedback, I just feel like I need to do something fresh, something completely new to me to get me back in a good place with it all. No guidelines to follow. No topics I have to cover. Just me and what I want to show the world, even if what I want to show isn't of any importance to anyone but me. 

So here we are.

Wish me luck.

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