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New Blog Header (& Domain)!

5:00 pm

After buying myself a custom domain for my blog last night (I feel so official right now), I also decided to get myself a lovely new header designed by Aly from aleelily. Her blog designs and headers are absolutely adorable and I couldn't not get one! She's such a friendly girl and she got back to me really quickly about everything. So here's my new header, thanks so much Aly!

Click here to see more of Aly's lovely work.

M x


Review: Pai Skincare Samples

9:00 am

Pai Skincare have always been a brand that appealed to me before I even tried any of their products. They specialise in organic skincare especially for sensitive skin, with ingredients lists written in simple English so everyone can see just what they're putting onto their skin. When I saw on their website that they offered a trial pack of 6 of their products for a mere £8, I couldn't say no. Here are the products involved in the cute little set, and my initial thoughts after giving them a whirl.

This product boasts it will leave skin soft and replenished as well as remove eye makeup, whilst still being suitable for sensitive skin types. I can only agree with this statement, as this creamy cleanser easily glides over skin like a thick moisturiser leaving you glowing and feeling incredibly fresh. The scent isn't overpowering and the product definitely didn't irritate my skin in any way, making it feel new and plump to the touch. I would say this would be suitable for all skin types as it doesn't strip or make you feel coated in product.

This day cream is said to be most suitable for dry sensitive skin, free from any drying products and able to restore softness to even the driest of skin. I managed to get two or three uses from this tiny pot so it shows how far this product can go. My skin afterwards did feel very hydrated and the product was the perfect lightness for a day cream. Again, this product had a gorgeous scent but wasn't overwhelming. 

I wouldn't really say I was in the direct need for this aging-skin product but I did end up using the whole pot because of how moisturising it felt on my skin, a common theme for all of these products!

This is probably my favourite product from this selection as I'm a big fan of exfoliators and the feeling they give your skin after use. This one was no exception. It contains tiny micro-spheres to polish skin and remove any dead skin cells that are present there, but without leaving your skin feeling stripped or scrubbed within an edge of its life. The one word I can think of to describe the feeling it gives is 'buffed'. I'll definitely be purchasing this full-size in the future. 

Now, this product really is calming. I used it this morning and my face feels absolutely baby soft, fresh and plumped. Designed mainly to get rid of redness, I'm not the perfect person to give a review of those effects, but from the feeling it gives my skin I can guess that its coolness would reduce any irritated and red patches of skin one may have. The only downside to this product I found was that it was quite slow to sink into the skin, so would maybe be best used as a night cream rather than the day cream it's marketed to be. 

Last but not least is another day cream, but this time designed to prevent breakouts with non-drying and non-pore blocking ingredients. Fortunately for me, my skin hasn't been too blemished recently so I couldn't immediately see results to that effect, but there are other upsides to the products I did notice. Again, like the others, it is strongly but pleasantly scented and not irritating to the skin in any way. I found it extremely hydrating, to the point of using it as a night cream to give me incredibly soft skin in the morning. I ended up using the entire put over the space of a week because I loved how hydrating I found it, and I may purchase this full-size for when my skin is in the middle of a breakout. 

All in all, a good crop of products! I'd honestly be happy to repurchase them all, but the exfoliator has the biggest impact on me overall. Have you tried any Pai products and if so, how did you find them?


Weekly Wishlist #3

9:00 am

I could actually make an outfit out of the things I'm lusting after this week. I've been seeing this gorgeous Zara bag everywhere and am trying to be good by not just buying it, but I don't think this restraint is going to last longer. The hard part will be deciding whether to get blue or pink!

Zara Mini City Bag with Zip Details - £39.99

Edit: I actually ended up buying this bag between writing this post and it going up, so that's one thing crossed off! I am in LOVE with it.


Recent Reads #1

9:00 am

I use the phrase 'recent' loosely in this post as I've been crazy busy lately and haven't really had the time to read for pleasure (damn you, literature degree) since the summer break, so most of these reads will be from then. Feel free to let me know if you've read any of these books and if you enjoyed them, or give me some recommendations of books that you've loved recently!

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

I'd been wanting to read The Book Thief for a good few months before finally picking up my copy, daunted by its size, and reading the first page. Without sounding too cliche, I was HOOKED from the very start. This book brought me out of the reading drought I'd been suffering from due to too many bad books and too little time, and boy, did it bring me out good. The Book Thief is narrated by Death in Nazi Germany, but don't let either of these facts get you down. Death describes the experiences of a young girl called Liesel and her relationship with her foster family during World War II. They take in a young Jewish man to save him from being taken to a concentration camp, and that's where a lot of the book's tensions come from. Despite its dark subject material, it's a gorgeous read and it's stayed with me ever since. If I could erase one book from my mind so I could experience it all over again, it would be this one. 

Joyland - Stephen King

Written by Stephen King, Joyland is a brilliant primer to his works as it's much lighter that stories like The Shining and It, and is written in a very casual style, similar to what you'd see in young adult literature. It wasn't what I was expecting at all, but I still loved every second of reading it. Joyland tells the story of Devin Jones, a young boy in love who goes to work at an amusement park, Joyland, over the summer break. However the story of a young girl murdered years before at the park haunts his experiences there and...well, I won't spoil the rest! It's a very tense read.

Good Omens - Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Time for something more upbeat now from two of my favourite authors, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. You'll probably recognise Pratchett's name as being attached to the massive Discworld series of books, and Gaiman has written tonnes of wonderful novels and graphic novels full of magic and the supernatural. A perfect writing team it would seem! And a perfect writing team it turns out to be. This book is absolutely HILARIOUS and had me cackling on public transport from its intelligent and witty humour. Good Omens is about the end of the world. That's pretty much all I can say on the matter, just pick up a copy and give it a go. It took me three days to read because I was so engrossed, and a few months later I just want to read it all over again. 


Mid-Week Hurrah #2

9:00 am

Time for another mid-week inspiration boost, this week featuring some gorgeous florals and a fruity number. Enjoy!

Background Credit: Violet Pi

All photos from other sites. I do not own any of these photos. Click through for links.


Throwback Thursday: A Summer's Day in Cambridge

9:00 am

It's days like today where the best thing to do is remember summer, a time where coats weren't compulsory, going for brunch was a given, and every photo you take looks like a gorgeous memory. Last summer was a rather interesting one for me as I didn't come home from university for the months that classes weren't on for, but stayed in my rented house and got myself my first ever (proper) job. I know, I know, I may seem lazy for only getting my first real job aged twenty when people are going out at sixteen to earn their keep, but I finally got one which meant staying away from home for not just the uni year, but during the break too. Therefore heading down to spend a few days at home over the weekends became more of a treat than usual and one of those lovely weekends was spent wandering the beautiful streets of Cambridge in the sunshine, finding such things as the wonderful ornate art on the university architecture, and lovely places to stop for some food before hitting the shops.

I'd love to say I picked this place for its crockery, but I was only surprised by this gorgeously decorated saucer my mum's coffee came placed on once lunch was over. The name of the restaurant escapes me months later, but I remember the staff being wonderful, with one man in particular taking a shining to my mum and giving her all sorts of coffee hints and tips. If they were of any use, I don't know, I'm no coffee expert. He might have been just trying to impress her! But nevertheless, everything was stunning, and the place was centered around a huge decorative wooden tree with circular lights to illuminate the rest of the perfect decor.

Of course, shopping commenced after the food had gone down and the waiter had eventually wandered off. Cambridge has a brilliant selection of small boutique shops with indie brands as well as famously-gorgeous ones being shown off in perfectly-organised window displays. Here are some photos of pretty things I found on our expedition around the town centre, none of which I bought unfortunately!

Beautiful wildlife wrapping paper.

More adorable crockery!

And even more.

Even though I'm not a huge fan of summer (insects, sweat and sunburn, ouch), looking back on last year's makes me look forward to another. I mean, I will have finished my degree and be looking forward to (fingers crossed) starting my masters come October. A lot is going to change in the coming months, and it's going to be hard work, but the sunlight at the end of the tunnel is there somewhere and I cannot for the life of me wait to see it.


Mid-Week Hurrah #1

8:09 pm

It's 'hump day' (a phrase that never fails to make me giggle), the perfect time for a healthy dose of weekly Pinterest inspiration to keep us going through this long winter we seem to be having. Feel free to link me to any lovely Pinterest boards you follow, or link me to your own so I can follow you!

Lily Collins, her gorgeous cropped hair, and the perfect berry-red lip. Eternally jealous of her strong brow game!

I adore the contrast of patterns in this outfit, it makes me really want to give clashing prints a go. The belt too is absolutely adorable.

This ASOS shell bag is absolutely gorgeous. I think if I had this I'd feel like The Little Mermaid.

This pattern called 'ONE' by Eva Black, which can be found on Society6, is so simple but lovely. I really want this as a print to hang on my wall.

Some images here link to Pinterest, but sources can be found by clicking through to their original websites. Other images will be linked directly. I do not own any of these images.


So, here we are.

12:04 am

Here we are, starting a blog together. How does it feel? A bit weird actually. I don't know who I'm writing to or for or anything like that. I'm just writing, getting things out there, telling perhaps a tiny microcosm of people, if I'm lucky, about my life and my thoughts, my hopes and my wishes, my dreams and maybe even my fears. You'd think as an English student I'd have some sort of knack with words. I've tried my hand at writing online articles, and I've had positive feedback, I just feel like I need to do something fresh, something completely new to me to get me back in a good place with it all. No guidelines to follow. No topics I have to cover. Just me and what I want to show the world, even if what I want to show isn't of any importance to anyone but me. 

So here we are.

Wish me luck.